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One of Verintech Solutions’ flagship products is HostelBooth, an industry-leading hostel management solution.

HostelBooth emerged from a recognition of the unique challenges faced by hostel administrators and the evolving needs of the accommodation industry.

HostelBooth is a Solution that brings efficiency to the operations and management of student hostels. From bed space selection to payment and on-boarding, issues management, maintenance, information management and all aspects of hostel operations; we make possible to achieve remotely and paperless while providing visibility to the owners for them to make smart decisions. 

Hostelbooth was acquired by Student Accommodate, a student accommodation management company based in Nigeria and with multiple hostels across the country with an eye for the rest of Africa.



Student Accommod8 Acquires Industry-Leading Hostel Management Software, HostelBooth from Verintech Solutions Limited


MYmedisuite is a complete Hospital Management Solution that integrates all aspects of hospital services provided to patients thereby making patients management to be efficient and fast. It makes hospital management to be paperless and digital; making patients management possible.

MyMediSuite addresses the diverse needs of healthcare providers, covering hospital booking, consultation, pharmacy management, prescription handling, accounting, and both in-patient and out-patient services. The solution is designed not merely as software but as a strategic ally for healthcare providers, streamlining patient management processes, enhancing efficiency, and providing a cohesive platform for various facets of healthcare administration.

With a growing impact, MyMediSuite has already touched the lives of over 3000 patients.




Swiftlessor is a product of Verintech Solution is a dynamic and modern solution that meets the essence of quick and efficient accommodation rentals for real estate owners and operators which in turn gives a lasting smooth experience for renters.

Swiftlessor is built on the principle of transparency, convenience, speed, reliability and a commitment to providing seamless living experiences.

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